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Window to perfection

Window to perfection

Window to perfection

Bharat Gandhi gives you pointers on dressing up your windows

Using curtains or blinds is n essential part of the decorating process, but the right style can sometimes be elusive. Let’s shed some sunlight on creative curtain ideas.

When selecting a style of curtains or blinds, the room décor, the particular style and proportion of the openings and their surroundings can become a restraining element or, if handled professionally, a good guideline and the starting point of an exclusive window treatment.

If the window is a wooden one, then it is advisable that the curtain arrangement be within the wood frame vertically. If one lives on lower floors or if more light is required, then the curtain arrangement can be beyond the window frame.

Sometimes the proportion of the window is odd or out of scale, so to balance it, one can have the curtain arrangement beyond the window frame.

These days, apartments have small and recessed windows. It is more logical to fix the curtain arrangement outside the recess. This will admit maximum light and also not block the window with too much fabric.

If the window is narrow and tall with a large expanse of wall on either side, then it is advisable to have a single curtain instead of conventional paired curtains. The single-curtain system is best suited for French type windows and doors, as it is more practical, allowing the proper opening of the shutter.

How long should your curtain be? What if there is an air-conditioner below the sill? What if the windowsill is too high and the window small?

There are some rules of thumb that can help. The curtain should be 4 inches short of the floor. A long curtain like this will balance the décor, and also help block excessive temperature exchange in or out.

Broad and tall windows are always a problem as they leave hardly any place for other elements of aesthetic add-ons in the decor, so one tends to overdo the window decoration with different types of curtains like swag valance, sheer, American pleated, etc, without considering the maintenance. In my 20 years as architect and interior designer, I have never seen properly maintained swag valance curtains. Instead, you can use dual overlapping curtains – one sheer and other made from a proper fabric. The sheer one can be drawn and the other held back with a thick tieback.

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