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About B R Gandhi

Mr. Bharat Ramesh Gandhi has been a practicing architect for the last Thirty Five years. His interest in Vastushastra began about Thirty five years ago when he found as founding correlations between Vastushastra and Solar Architecture. He decided to promote the subject in a scientific way. It was then that he hit upon the idea of computerizing Vastushastra. His online software is such that once the details of a house or an industrial or commercial unit are fed in, it gives a report on the merits and demerits of the premises as per Vastu along with tentative room plans. The percentage of adherence is given at first. Then a detailed recommendation follows. These recommendations keep in mind the problems like municipality regulations and constraint on space which urban houses and industrial sites face. At the end of the report the percentage of adherence after the corrections is given. What is interesting about the software is that it allocates weight age to different tenets. This is to say that the computer gives more importance and immediacy to a few tenets while eminently ignoring others. The prescriptions are given in such a way that the positive and negative aspects of the house, according to Vastu, are taken into account. The recommendations try to counter balance the negative aspects with additional positive elements.

His sub-concern, Unnaty Vastu Consultancy is planning franchisees all over the country, UVC is appointing Vastuadvisor after training them thoroughly about Vastu and how to operate the online software to give the computerized recommendations.

Mr. Gandhi developed this online software after an exhaustive survey of all kinds of houses and industrial units in the city of Mumbai. The details of the premises and the corresponding financial standing and health of the households were noted down. His conclusions (and recommendations) are based on the research he had done on the scientific basis of Vastu and the survey of hundreds of premises, some of which had adhered to Vastu in part and others hadn't in full.