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The light of warmth

The light of warmth

The light of warmth

Every day begins and ends in the bed. This is a place where you can shut yourself away from the world, alone or with someone you love. This is a personal space and needs special attention to lighting.

Ambient lighting should be given more importance as it would eliminate strong shadows and make a room look balanced due to its even spread. This ambient light can be achieved with a tube light. Or you can use an uplight to have a reflective light.

The second choice would be task lighting. This would work in a bedroom where you like to read or work. The task light would be a pair of tale lamps, but make sure they have opaque shades so that they evenly spread a mild light on the reading material. A small tubelight concealed in a pelmet above the study table would be a good choice as it would not glare directly into the eyes while working.

 A wall-mounted swing-arm lamp can give lots of flexibility. A recessed light in your bed’s back or on the ceiling is an additional choice. But this could disturb the person sharing the bed, so the best choice would be a swing-arm lamp just behind the bed above the shoulder of person reading.

Hanging lights are not important in bedrooms as they are in passages or long rooms, as it would be uncomfortable, so sleep under a focus of brighter light.

Finally, special effects lighting can be used. This could be below the bed to light the floor, or a strained glass shade above the bed, or picture light to highlight paintings. No matter which lighting option you choose, the ultimate goal of bedroom lighting should be to create a romantic, peaceful and warm atmosphere.