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Enter. Be amazed!

Enter. Be amazed!

Enter. Be amazed!

For most of us redecorating our house in an inviting proposition. However, it is also an expensive deal. Only few of us can afford to refurnish the entire apartments at one shot. High prices of furnishings demand that the décor has to be done room by room.

In this article we start with redoing the entrance and the passage leading into the house. Here are few things that you should keep in mind:

The entrance should invoke a sense of anticipation of what to expect inside the house. This place should also serve as a comfortable place for the visitor and the family members to pause and say ‘home sweet home’ and inspires one to leave all the worries outside. The entrance is the starting point of the passage into the house so it is desirable to decorate it keeping in mind the period and character of the rest of the house. The flooring, in particular, should complement the treatment in the following rooms.

Wood, ceramics, vitrified tiles; marble are the materials that can be used successfully for the entrance lobby floor. The entrance is by definition a high traffic area. Therefore, it is subject to heavy wear and tear as well prone to mud and dirt from outdoors. It is advisable, that one should avoid carpeting the entrance. Small rugs placed in the lobby would be a wonderful option, as it would provide warmth, texture, pattern and colour to the space. What’s more, rugs can be easily rolled up during the wet season and put away. Just like the floor in the entrance, the wall should also be able to endure their share of wear and tear. Normally walls are prone to becoming dirty because of finer- prints plus rubbing and knocking of luggage / furniture leading to scratches, dirtying of paint or colour peeling. So while selecting the paint for the entrance of the lobby one should consider durability and sturdiness. Also, one should consider slightly glossy finish paint as this would be easily cleanable and also because of its reflective nature it would help lobby look bigger and brighter. To protect the wall from fingerprint this ‘preview’ space can have a display of art-work and collected items. Dramatic lighting teak wood molding on the walls can help to create illusion of more space.

Avoid using dark colour flooring and furniture in the entrance lobby as house entrances normally do not normally do not have an abundance of natural light, so it is very important to select the right combination of furniture and fixtures. Overhead storage, light fixtures would make an excellent choice. Instead of table/ floor mount lamp a hanging lamp of an up lighter can dramatize the décor.