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Toilet training

Toilet training

Toilet training

The bathroom has undergone major transformation in the last five years. No longer is it a utilitarian place; it has become virtually a mini spa, fitted with costly marble like imported marble, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna, massaging shower panels, plated plumbing and handmade tiles.

Try to work with the positive points that the existing bathroom possesses. You may not see ant at first, but a good designer can be of great help there. Good and proper existing plumbing is one such example; retaining it can save Rs 10,000 per toilet.

Economy drives apart, let us see how you can design the bathroom. The sink is usually situated in the dry area and if possible near the window so as to take advantage of natural light for shaving or for makeup. The bathtub or shower panel can be in the extreme corner as this would be a wet area. Toilet or WC can be between the sink and the shower area, thus making it part of dry area. If the toilets are small, one can open the door outwards or convert it into a sliding door.

Once the preliminary plan is ready that’s the time to select the fitting and fixtures. Counter or wall-hung basins now are available from manufactures in many styles.

The shower area can have a simple shower system to the latest in massaging shower panels. Fit it in a cubicle or a tub with or without a whirlpool. This can be enclosed with sliding doors and a steam room can be created, but consider how often it will be used and the space required for it.

The surface treatment in a bathroom is important, as humidity can take to toll even in a well-ventilated space. Use good durable tiles designed to withstand heat and dump.

Large or small every toilets need a mirror. A mirrored cabinet would provide space for storage, but may be unattractive. A stylish, framed mirror can be fixed instead and can be hinged from behind to take advantage of recessed space behind. A large mirror can also make a bathroom look larger and brighter.