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The wallpaper treatment

The wallpaper treatment

The wallpaper treatment

No single element of a room has more impact than the wall covering. Its colour and pattern sets the tone for the interior to follow. Today, most wallpaper is either vinyl coated or solid vinyl (the days of actual paper are gone), to make it withstand water and humidity better.

Wallpaper, apart from creating an impact, also helps make a tiny room appear larger and a large room cosier. To make a low ceiling appear higher, use a four-inch border with a flowing design at a height of 30 inches all around the room. A pastel-colour background can also help.

Cool colours, such as blue and green, create the illusion of size. Dark and deep tones tend to enclose a room. Moulding at the junction of the wall and the ceiling make a tall ceiling look lower. It will also help bring the room in scale with standard-size furniture.

To make a large room feel more intimate, bold and deep colours and designs on the wall would go a long way