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Self-contained and very Indian

Self-contained and very Indian

Self-contained and very Indian

There is some science to creating a kitchen that functions well. In the open kitchen, the cook enjoys cooking. However, if the cooks like to cook in solitude or thinks of the kitchen as a personal domain, the kitchen should be self-contained.

In a self-contained kitchen, the same principal of a work triangle should be applied and care should be taken to house the stove near the window; that would act as a good exhaust venue. Also, a closed kitchen will have four walls so it will give additional storage space.

If the self-constrained kitchen is big and square, you can also create an island platform, which can act as a room divider, snack counter and an extra surface to keep prepared food and to store things below.

If one does not use the island to place the stove or sink, it could be excellent as a preparation counter where the cook can sit and chop vegetables and clean the grains.

Remodeling a kitchen is never too exciting as deciding its style and esthetics, as a kitchen does make a statement of its own. The thing to watch out for is to not go overboard and create a kitchen that is not designed for the Indian type of wear-and-tear and oil fumes.

A ready-to-use kitchen normally cannot take so much of water use and oil fumes as it is usually made of soft particleboard and other material not designed for this type of use. An Indian kitchen needs pure teak wood or laminate finish shutters. The inside of the platform should have stone shelves and stainless and drawers to withstand the weight of large, heavy containers. The prominent architectural elements- walls, flooring and platform tops- have an important decorative impact in the kitchen and there are many beautiful choices. All three requires regular cleaning, so it’s best to be practical.

Keep in mind that the counter and flooring will capture annoying debris. So small tiles could become uncomfortable and dirty on the floor after a white. Use large vitrified tiles for flooring.

The platform tops are normally abused by extensive use of water, so black guarantee would be preferred as its density is very high compared to any other coloured granite, which makes it less porous.

The walls should be totally titled – vitrified or glazed, as their durability is supposed to be very good. One can call them value for money, as they are only 10 to 20 percent of the cost of designer tiles.

Storage system below the platform should be kept as simple and sturdy as possible as we normally has a habit of storing lots of extra foodgrains and utensils. The ideal kitchen should have one row of drawers and other area the platform should have shutters.

Before deciding on cabinets, consider the habits of the person who will use them. Open or glass cabinets are for neatniks only. Those who are very busy and hate to clean should have closed cabinets that meet the callings; that would eliminate another place for clutter to accumulate.

No matter whether its style is sleek, modern or quaintly country, a kitchen can be beautiful and clean, efficient and functional. And this can be achieved with careful planning.