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Bedtime story

Bedtime story

Bedtime story

The power of the humble bed is often underestimated, writes Bharat Gandhi

Bless the god who invented the bed! For each of us, for each person of every age person there is a bed, a place that is harbor to our most intimate moments.

The cradle has always symbolized the dawn of life. This mini bed is readied before birth; it expresses all the hope and passion of love and of lovers.

Looking at beds, which of course have been with us throughout our lives, we see how life used to be and how it is lived today. Probably just a rug or animal skin was used as a bed in ancient times, from where it evolved into a statement of power for kings, queens and emperors.

The first bed the cradle is never discarded as per Indian belief. After its use it is tucked away in the store room or is passed on to others or taken out again to welcome the next generation. This is the bed where the child feels protected.

The parents’ bed is the one where the child shares comfort with the mother and bedtime stories with the father. This is the bed from where he would perform his first stunts, jumping up and down and discovering the joys flight and the fun of pillow fights. This bed is also the shelter during childhood sicknesses.

The next bed in our life’s odyssey is the teen bed, where we often find ourselves soaring to joy and plumbing depths of sadness. It is the bed where we read, write, study and dream, surrounded by posters and pictures of heroes and idols.

The newlywed’s bed is usually king-size, large and soft, made to personal tastes, covered with colorful silky sheets and soft pillows. This is a sacred bed that will preserve its importance and its memories forever.

The bed is a place to dream, to reflect, to build an imagined future, to remember. Space around it will help you feel free and fresh; it can also become a nerve centre with telephone, pen, pencil, paper and the tools of daily life at hand.

Selecting a bed is always a personal choice, Cleopatra liked a reclining bed, Napoleon liked elegantly designed bronze beds. But do keep practical considerations while deciding the aesthetics. A bed can be a piece of decorative furniture; or a symbol of self image, character and personality. At the same time, a good and firm coir mattress will give your spine proper support.

Treat the bed as a piece of art, put your heart into it, and allow it to reflect your moods and sentiments. Whether it is the sleeping place for you or your family member or your guest, it could be an expression of your caring and your love for them.