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Interiors in style

Interiors in style

Interiors in style

Does your home have living
power? Will it outlast fads,
asks  Bharat Gandhi

The first rule of interior decoration: do it to please yourself rather than to please friends and relatives. Keep in mind that while trends come and go, good taste never goes out of style.

Where do you begin? Well, first you choose the style of your interior. 


This uses simple, straight-line furniture without panels, mouldings, carvings, etc. It can have different sober colours – like light wood or mahogany or rosewood finish shutters and furniture. Soft furnishings could be with geometrical patterns and pastel colours. These interiors are easy to create and comfortable to live in as there is no drama created by it. Maintenance of this interior is simple as there is no carving or fancy shapes to clean.


This style has a never-die motto. For generations, it has been a trend in elite homes to own at least a few pieces of antique period furniture and try to create interiors around them. These interiors are not very cheap, but are certainly very durable and have extraordinary “living power”. The more you stay in them, the more you like them. 


This means creating the interior of your dreams. You could have Cleopatra’s couch in your living room, or sit on a spaceship for dinner, or bathe in the great baths of Rome! Only your imagination is the limit! Your can create theme interiors – for instance, combining a Roman style with Japanese furniture. Or recreating Egypt using motifs and sand colours.

Alternatively, use modern readymade furniture imported from Italy or Malaysia. This furniture is very contemporary in design, and manufactured with the latest technology. The only drawback is that it is not designed for Indian climatic conditions. But the finish is excellent.   

Imported readymade furniture provides the best finish

Period furniture gives long-lasting value