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Go Flat Out

Go Flat Out

Go Flat Out

Architect Bharat Gandhi explains 
what prospective buyers need to 
check out before selecting a house

An uncluttered kitchen with ample storage could make all the difference to your new home


The kids are getting older, the family is getting bigger, the noise level in your house is simply unbearable, and there is nowhere to hide. Every time you go round a certain corner you bump into someone. That’s when you need more space or a new house. At some time or the other, the house that fit you just fine when you bought it does not fit right anymore.

While the lack of space is one of the primary reasons for buying a new house, there’s much more involved in the process than you think. Regard less of the reasons why you opt for it, choosing a new house is an important decision; so don’t be in a hurry to make up your mind.

Some of the most important things that you need to look at are common facilities, amenities, the layout, positioning of doors and windows, materials used and the finishing.

A good paved and developed compound with lots of open space gives a feeling of freedom to kids and elders. Another way of looking at this facility is that it reduces the noise level in the house since the kids will be playing outside for a substantial amount of time.

Ensure the lift has been provided by a reputed manufacturer, otherwise you could have a problem with unnecessary breakdowns. A proper exterior finish of the building in the form of the appropriate cement paint or tiled face with adequately projected chjjas will help in preventing leakage or dampness in the wall at a later date.

Projecting columns can be a hindrance to a good furniture layout so avoid homes with excessive column projections. A beam dissecting a room can make it look smaller. Check the quality of wires, number of points, circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers provided in the house and whether they are at the right locations.   

Nowadays most developers provide lights, fans and fittings like geysers; insist on these as this will help to save your money while setting up your home. Ensure there is adequate fluorescent light. This, along with a geyser of 3 KVA instead of 4.5 KVA will help to keep electrical bill low.

A well-designed house will always have proper loft for storage and balcony area to dry clothes. Life in an average Indian family revolves round the living room, hence the size of the room has to be adequate to house a proper sitting system, small storage unit, audio/video unit and  if possible, a study area-cum-dining table.

The size of the bedroom should be enough to house a proper double bed, wardrobes, dressing unit, study table and other necessary items of furniture.

A properly ventilated kitchen with black granite top platform and fully tiled walls with adequate storage space can be a dream come true for the housewife, and a good-sized balcony, a luxury, so don’t miss out on the deal if that’s available.

When it comes to the flooring, its better to go in for light coloured material like marble or vitrified tile flooring. Check if it has been fixed properly with thin joints and that there is no visible cavity underneath.

Ceramic tile flooring should be avoided in the rooms with heavy traffic, as these are normally very slippery when wet and tend to chip on impact if any heavy object falls on it. If you are not careful, you could find yourself suffering some nasty falls!

Windows with an aluminum frame can act as beautiful backdrops and if draped colourfully, will enhance the looks of the room. A big window also makes the room look bigger as well as increasing the ambience.

Door should have a polish finish rather than paint for easy maintenance. The minute you get a house with all these features, clinch the deal and celebrate throw a party and live happily ever after, it’s worth it!