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Tired of living in the same old house

Tired of living in the same old house

Tired of living in the same old house

Are you tired of living in the same old house? Are you moving to a new house and feel the need of inspiration or new ideas? Well in I am going to show you how one can transform one’s house or flat into an interior designer dream home.

This series of article will give you range of ideas covering everything from inexpensive touches to complete renovations

Now let us see how to start face lift of your existing house or new home.

Designing the décor is one of the most exciting part of creating your home think first about the order in which you would like to decorate your rooms, do you have a the luxury or renovation before shifting to your new house or you have to do one room at a time while living in the other areas ? Well be prepared for irritation as after a hectic days work messy house or half dad workers in your house can be very irrigative.

Research can be great fun so before starting take time to leaf through books and magazine on interior decorating, go to study the materials lime wood, tiles, veneers, laminates hardware fabrics light fittings and fixtures, paints, carpets etc. collects their product broachers for later reference.

Interior need not be costly, in this series of articles there would be all sorts of hardy hints and decorating ideas which will help you to create wonderful decorated rooms with is your budget so that you can have stunning stylish home which can be your neighbor every.

First let us see how warm colors in the house can make a room look bright and naturally warm colors can be applied to almost any part of room or an any form of furniture e.g. painted walls or bright color soft furnishing and upholstery pictures on walls, color full accessories and even plants but before finalizing the color scheme one should decide. What affect one wants in this room, what type of mod would like to create, what type of impression one wants to convey. Dark color way make the wall come inwards, this could be advantageous or disadvantageous depends which wall is being painted darker. Dark colors can be used on extreme walls of rectangular room i.e. the smaller walls as this will make one feel that the room is wide and square as the dark wall will give a feeling that the wall has come inwards this will also give a welcoming feel. Colors should not be very dark otherwise it will overpower other furniture in the room and always a lighter shade is recommended.

 When deciding on color scheme of ones house one may prefer single color with splash of strong color for the sofa or curtain or picture frames. It is advisable to have lighter shade is big areas i.e. walls ceiling and bright and warm shades in soft furnishing s this will make one feel more comfortable and less irritated as bright color always makes one more hyper so less quantity is always good.

Finally before going into this exercise collect lots of picture fabric, samples as paint chart and then experiment nature look around for inspirations do not be afraid to experiment.

In my 25 years of practice I have seen good interiors where unusual warm color combination has worked very well so do not hesitate to experiment with warm colors.

In the last article we had discussed about warm colors in this let us see how and where one can use cool shades get a feeling of space light and airiness warm colors can be used in a decorative scheme to bring a sense of closeness and warmth to a room but pale colors can be applied if the room is small and dose not receive adequate light, pale and pasted color may make the area seem brighten and larger.

It is always advisable to test your chosen shade as a patch sample on window facing wall before going ahead with the total painting of the room. It is also recommended to use colors which do not change their looks as per the light available like a pale while would look too greasy under artificial light and pastel green would look acidic yellow is yellows light and if the room is very big.

Normally cool colors are easy to combine pale blanks green and yellow can be combined with ease, each shade offsetting others, these color work very well together in a home. Also one can create contrast when decorating with cool or pasted shades, paint the total house is single color, such as white cream or pale yellows. Then, selecting styles and shapes that one likes, place and few bright color accessories around the room to break the monotony of the pale expire care should be taken not to over do it as interior may look claustrophobia.

Decorating with neutral color is very easy and at the end satisfying because the scheme will always look elegant and sophisticated neutrals are the safest bet far armatures natural colors are those that blend with any colors scheme, and one way of identifying them is to think of nature.

Best ways to use neutral in use them on bigger area for back drops i.e. walls and along with it one can use strong colors to make one’s interior look elegant. Natural color like whites creams beings grays normally play a secondary role as this would be used on walls floor ceiling and furniture and then splashed with bright colors.

Also Neutral colors can be used in combination in texture finishes. Like white can form the textured layer over beige to give very silly look. Fabric can also have designs with different shades of neutrals wall papers are also available with two to three shades of neutral colors in form of different type of texture.

Wood finish go very well with neural colors as they belong to the same family nature and this combination would give a room of a house a very peaceful look and feel