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Selecting Ceiling Fans

Selecting Ceiling Fans

Selecting Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can add a distinctive accent to a room as well as provide a cooling breeze and help distribute heat more evenly, fan never give cool air it only distributes it properly and the movement of air helps the perspiration to dry thus making one feel cooler.

Following are some points to keep in mind.

  • The most important element of the fan is its motor and bearings. Look for a high-quality manufacturer and check that the motor has quiet, smooth operation. Never insist on ultra fancy designed fans as extra frills on it may put extra load on the motor and the bearings thus reducing the life of the same.
  • Choose a blade size that corresponds to the room’s size. 24 inch fan would be appropriate for small and narrow rooms and passages, but due to very high RPM (rotation per minute) the are very noisy, 36 inch fan is appropriate for a room of approximately 120 square feet,48 to 52-inch for 250 to 300 square feet, A room larger than 350 square feet might require two fans for adequate comfort.
  • A fan should hang no lower than 7 feet (2m) from the floor. Measure ceiling height to determine the right extension-rod length.
  • Make sure that fan blades are perfectly balanced and equally angled so that the unit will not wobble when rotating.
  •  Many fans are available with wall controls (regulator) that require only the standard lighting wiring.