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Beat Scorpio aggression with Pastels

09 Jul, 2019 Beat Scorpio aggression with Pastels

Beat Scorpio aggression with Pastels


Scorpio have a powerful personality, are extremely sensitive and moody. It’s best if they have a luxurious home with modern furniture with impeccable workmanship. A royal touch will please them. A high back, ornate chair for the house is a good idea. Individuals who fall under this Combination tend to spend lavishly on furniture with value i.e. they’d prefer pure wood to ply. They like opulent furniture and are usually the highest bidders at any auction. The environment in the house must be peaceful since it’s closely linked to their success and moods. Avoid using imbalanced shapes that could upset them. Some greenery, or even a garden if space permits, is a good idea for the exterior.


Color therapy for number 1 born as a Scorpio

Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention grabber. While it is considered an optimistic color, people tend to their temper more often in yellow rooms. Though it’s a lucky color for this number, it’s advisable to use it sparingly mixed with peaceful shades like white. Yellow also helps increase concentration, and is a good bet in the office or the owner/ proprietor’s cabin, especially on the northeast wall, since it helps speed up metabolism.

Living Room: off white and being are the best recommendations. Curtains and soft furnishing with a touch of blue or green will suit their mood.

Kitchen: pick white with cream and brown tiles here. The platform top can be in black.

Bedroom: Use a combination of green and beige in the bedroom. Bedcovers should be in shades of peaceful blue.

Office Cabin: The wall that you face while working should be painted light yellow or cream help increase creativity and concentration.

Furniture: Use natural finishing in light color e.g. American pine, rubber wood and white cedar. Keep the flooring in marble or wood. Wall finish could be a combination of white and yellow in the ratio 90/10.

Lighting: Use tungsten (bulbs) lights rather than white (tube lights) light.



Strong, but sensitive, this combination requires a luxurious interior. Use pure wood instead of ply and silk instead of cottons. Keep the inside peaceful with pastel finishes. Use vitrified tiles, granite, deco painted furniture and glass. A garden is a good idea, and will be easy to maintain since they have a green thumb.

Color therapy for number 2 born as a Scorpio   

White symbolizes innocence and purity, reflects light and is a summer color; it’s a great shade to use since it compliments most other colors.

Green symbolizes nature, is one the easiest colors on the eye, and can improve vision. It is calming and refreshing shades that helps you unwind. It can be used to relax people when exhausted.

Living Room: While walls with a tint of green will bring out their creativity, gentleness and romantic nature. People of this combination are dreamers and it’s best if they are surrounded by greenery. Their lack of confidence will get a boost with dark green plants, a shade that has masculine tones.

Kitchen: Use green granite as platform top with cream tiles in the kitchen, along with wood or a light laminate finish to the storage unit.

Bedroom: Floral curtains, furniture in light shades will suit this number. A retro bed with a canopy will please them.

Office Cabin:  The gentle and romantic side to this number needs bright colors like greens and blues with a touch of orange or red to cheer them up.

Walls and Furniture finish: A colorful painting put up on a light green wall is the best recommendation.

Soft Furnishing: They are prone to depression, so surround them with bright curtains. Make sure that all seating arrangements are extra cozy and comfortable.

Lighting: People of this number should always be in bright light, an antidote for depression. You can even highlight paintings on the wall with yellow lights.

Since this combination is spiritual, the home should have a well- designed temple in a cool place. Keep the flooring pure white.



This is a very lucky combination. They are usually leaders with strong personality. A smart and sleek interior with the latest gadgets will suit them best. Keep the environment peaceful. A small garden in the balcony is recommended.

Color therapy for number 3 born as a Scorpio

The color of infinity i.e. the sky and the ocean, blue is one of their most popular colors. If helps clam the mind and symbolizes loyalty. People are more creative and productive in blue rooms.

Pink, a romantic color, is also tranquilizing. It helps increase motivation and output. It’s best that you get an expert to help you incorporate this shade in your home. Here’s how you can use these two shades.