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Simple, Classy décor for intelligent Sagis

09 Jul, 2019 Simple, Classy décor for intelligent Sagis

Simple, Classy décor for intelligent Sagis

Your Life get architect and Vastu consultant Bharat Gandhi to customize an interior concept for a Sagittarius home, according to numerology, color therapy and Vastushastra.



Intellectual and mature, they have simple tastes. I recommend: An average sized bed, contemporary furniture, a modest cupboard, a nice garden, pet dogs, a bungalow rather than an apartment, a well designed, spacious living room since they love throwing parties Wooden flooring that emits comfort and warmth for bedrooms.

Color therapy

Sunny yellow is attention grabbing and optimistic. But overusing it can make you lose your temper; mixing it with a peaceful shade like white is advisable.

Living room: go in for off white and beige. Balance with curtains and soft furnishings with a hint of blue, green or brown.

Kitchen: The best color is white with a touch of cream brown tiles and a neutral black platform.

Bedroom: Should have lost of green with white walls.

Office cabin: The facing wall must be light yellow or cream, which boosts creativity, speeds up metabolism and increases concentration power.

Wall and furniture finishes: A small garden with a light lemon wall will keep them cheerful. Furniture should have a natural finish light veneers such as American pine, rubber wood, white cedar. Choose marble or wooden flooring, light textured wall finishes.

Soft Furnishings: Bright green and browns for sofas and chairs. Soft pastel blue green bedroom curtains with a hint of white to help this hyperactive number relax. The bed covers could be in pastel shades of blues.

Lighting: Should be more yellow and less white (tube light). Since this number is not that romantic, avoid dramatizing the décor.

For owners Residence 1) Bedroom in south, or northeast: 2) table should be in the north- northeast.

For Kids: Bedroom in east to help tap into their creativity, 2) sleep with head in southeast: 3) study table in northeast if below 15, east if above 15.

For parents: 1) bedroom in west. 2) if bedroom is in proper southeast, keep head in west.

3) if they are still working, they should face east.



They are very spiritual, so interior for their rooms should also include a well designed temple. Flooring for the temple should be pure white. These intelligent people have a practical outlook and appreciate the simple things in life, which reflects in their homes. Simple furnishing in bright colors is great. They like freedom in their work, so a small work area at home is recommended.

Color therapy

White, which symbolizes innocence and reflects light is popular and reflects light is popular in decor business it’s neutral and goes with everything. Earthy green is calming and refreshing. It helps improve vision and is easy on the eye.

Living room: White with a hint of green brings out the dreamer’s creativity, dark green is helpful as they lack in confidence.

Kitchen: Green granite platform top with cream tiles, a wooden or light green laminate finish storage unit is suitable.

Bedroom: Floral curtains and furniture with light veneer finish is recommended.

Office cabin: As they’re gentle and romantic, avoid soft colors that might further depress them. Instead, bright greens and blues with a touch of orange or red will cheer them up. The office must have a colorful décor.

Wall and furniture finishes: A colorful painting on light green wall is recommended. Tiles should have light colors with inserts of green or blue.

Soft Furnishing:  As they’re moody and prone to depression, get bright curtains and furnishings for sofas and chairs, which should be soft and cozy.

Lighting: Should be bright as it fights depression.

For owner: Residence: 1) Bedroom should be in the southwest. 2) sleep with the head in southwest to achieve positive output. 3) if they also work from home, face north while working

Office: Cabin should be in south. 2) Table in northeast.

For kids: 1) Bedroom in northeast 2) sleep with head in south. 3) Study table in northeast.

For parents: 1) they could use west as the bedroom. 2) Keep head in west. If bedroom is in proper south. 3) it still working, they should face east.



They love travelling faraway places as well as living the country life. So, they can have rustic style and spacious interior to display knick knacks picked up during their sojourn. They prefer a bungalow to an apartment, given their interest in outdoor exercise.

This mature, intelligent combination likes to work in places that allow them to meet people; work is likely to suffer in they have to stay put in one place.