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Light up your life- tastefully

Light up your life- tastefully

Light up your life- tastefully

Changing the location or intensity of a single light bulb can entirely transform the look of a room. That’s the role that effective lighting plays in designing or redesigning your home, usually without extensive or expensive redecoration.

A traditional lighting system consists of overhead lights and table lamps. But if you want bright working lights or a soft, romantic mood, you need to look at something from the variety of lights available – for every mood and décor.

First decide which light has to perform which task – like working space light, study light, normal lighting, romantic lighting, highlighting and so on. Select fixtures accordingly. Let’s start with lighting for the living room where the family gets together and entertains friends. It also acts as the TV / audio / video room. Hence it is advisable to have three types of lighting in the living room – fluorescents for general lighting, highlighters for picture frames and lamps with dinners for those romantic evenings or the times when you are watching TV or listening to music.

A relaxing atmosphere requires soft, indirect light without any dramatic effect, but if you don’t want to change your lighting and still want a relaxing atmosphere, you have bright soft color curtains

In one or two corners of the room keep tall plants and the shadow cast by the light effect will create interesting plays of light and shadow and cut the harshness of any light.

In any kitchen, we tend to over-light, and hence create strain to the eyes. Have one or two fluorescent lights in the kitchen. Take care that the lights is not fixed above the cooking area as this may direct attract flying insects, which may fall into the food. In the bedroom, two types of atmosphere are required – fluorescent light behind the bed for reading and romantic mood light in the form of yellow light wall brackets or table lamps.

Bathroom lighting is the most neglected. It usually comprises a bulb above the basin. But the incandescent light does not spread evenly and creates bright and dark spaces. Have two long fluorescent lights above the mirror. And see the closeness of the shave you get in the morning!