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Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Architect Bharat Gandhi 
explains how to choose the right 
type of paint for each room 
of your house and the 
indicative costs involved  


Decorating is a creative art, which is easy to learn through books, but putting it into practice is difficult. There is a lot of practicality and experience necessary to go about the art of decorating a home. You can decorate your home on your own in a most cost-effective manner.

The first element I could think about is surface finishes with paint or wallpaper. It is a very important part of your living. Colours help to harmonies and pull together different elements of your rooms. Colours well used in a house can create a sense of spaciousness, and add brightness and serenity. It is very important to have excellent workmanship to get a smooth silky feeling of the surfaces rather than different brands of paints.

The effect of paint improves if the surface to be painted if prepared properly by using Plaster of Paris, putty and rubbing the surface to very smooth finish. Many different types of paints or wall finishes are available but they can be easily classified into three categories: oil-based, water-based, texture finish and wall papers. Pastel and earth colours have more visual longevity than stark and bold colours. 

Oil-based paints and colours are cheaper. They can be used on internal surfaces, metal, wood and metal furniture. These paints are glossy and architectural defects of walls or furniture can become prominent. Also care has to be taken not to use these paints where there is moisture and leakage as blisters could form leading to colours peeling off. The cost varies from Rs.8 to 15 per square foot depending on the expertise of the workmen. The types of paint in this category are oil and luster.

Water-based colours are good for all type of walls as they allow rear surfaces to breathe due to porosity in their character. Thanks to the porous character, they can be also used on new and virgin surfaces. These paints are non-glossy and non-reflective hence even if the surfaces painted are uneven they do not look defective.

Good workmanship is very essential. The approximate cost of water bound paints varies from Rs.6 per sq.ft. for distemper paint to Rs.15 per sq. ft. for plastic, acrylic or velvet paint., note these paints are not recommended for wood or metal surfaces.

Texture paints are normally used to highlight certain walls or to create backdrops to artifacts, sculptures, paintings etc. the best part of these paints is they do not require a prepared smooth surface, the time taken to paint is bare minimum. This texture paints are very touch and are washable. The cost of texture paints varies from Rs.20 to Rs.45 per sq.ft.

Wallpapers are a shortcut to wall finishes. It’s a belief that for temporary interiors wallpapers are the ideal solutions, but it is not so. Today we get excellent quality wallpapers, which have a variety of designs, textures and finishes. They are also durable and washable with the cost varying from Rs.6 to Rs. 100 per sq.ft.