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A home within a home

A home within a home

A home within a home

Bharat Gandhi tells you how to create just the right ambience in your home’s most private room

While designing your bedroom, remember that it is the most private room in the house. It gives that rare opportunity to please no one but you; in every other room, one or the other concession is required to be made to meet the needs of other family members and their living styles, as well as guests.

This is the room where individual preferences supersede everything else. This is the room where you can be as whimsical as you want, where you can enjoy your most personal treasure – material or mental.

A majority of people feel comfortable in simple surroundings in their bedrooms, with a comfortable mattress, fresh line and the perfect reading light. A rocking or reclining chair would be a luxury. Some treat their bedrooms as a luxury resort where they surround themselves with their collection of crystals and affects collected on their travels.

Often a bedroom is used for more than just sleeping; it could be used for reading, studying, completing office work, watching television, or enjoying music.

People who share their bedrooms should also keep in mind their partners’ needs. Your partner may not want a TV in the bedroom, or they may not like reading there, which means you need a well-focused reading light for yourself.

Some men become uneasy if the woman they share the bedroom with decorates it in a very feminine way! Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to compromise! For instance, you can choose a floral design, but go more browns, or a design where the stems are more dominant than the leaves and flowers. Or while painting the walls pink, choose pale or pastel pick, and avoid frills and ruffles.

Furniture generally provokes fewer disputes than color and fabric in a shared bedroom. The bed is the largest and the most important to concentrate more on the bed. Once you have agreement on the kind of bed you want four-poster, or canopied, or platform- type with padded headboard – everything else will follow.