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Wine, dine, etc…

Wine, dine, etc…

Wine, dine, etc…

Bharat Gandhi gives you some ideas to utilize the dining room space for more productive purposes

In most of the houses, the dinning room is the least utilized room of the house, used only on holidays, birthdays and occasional dinner parties. This is because the hectic Mumbai’s life does not allow a full family dinner or lunch on the table together. What a pity, and what a waste of space! A few suggestions:


First and foremost, make your dinning room less formal and less imposing. Like every other room, the dinning room should also reflect the living style of the family. If the family members have a habit of eating a hot meal with hot chapattis served just as they are made, then your dinning room table should be located closer to the kitchen. This will make it easy for the housewife or cook to serve.

Also it would be a good idea to get a small sized dining table if the occupancy on the table at a given time is less. Small families with working couples normally have the habit of watching television while eating, so you can even keep a small television in the dinning room. What most people do is, take the trouble of taking the filled plate in the living room so that they can eat and watch television at the same time. But why is the dinning room required, then?

If you don’t exactly use the room to eat there, then you should use the dinning room for other important needs. You can make it a guest room, an in-house office, a study or audio/video room.


However many people try to decorate their dinning room in a very formal way even though there’s no time to have meals in there? Then slowly this unused room quickly becomes a dumping ground for all that is unwanted, making it sore to the eyes.

You could line one of the walls of the dinning room with shelves or a library unit to keep good interesting, decorative hard bound books. Then keep a comfortable inviting easy chair with a proper table lamp can transform this room in to comfortable library even with a dinning table and chairs around.


A dinning room can also double up as a home office or a study room. A proper working desk and a sideboard in one corner of the room should do it. But take care to keep the fax machine, computer and papers in proper drawers or closed units, to avoid spoiling the look of the room.

Comfort room

Suggestions for those who would rather use the room strictly for dining only:

Whether the dinning room is formal or informal, it will always have some basic furniture requirements like the dinning table, chairs and storage units for linens, cutleries eating utensils, salt pepper, masalas and pickles. These small units can also provide as aid in serving too. Size and shape of the dinning table can be as per the layout and the size and the shape of the room. But take care while selecting the tabletop. Your tabletop should be able to take oil, heat and water, so the right choice would be glass or a laminated top.

Seating is the other element common in all dinning rooms, and the sitting style often sets the concept of the room. You could have a one-side sofa on one side of the table and chairs on the other sides or have only chairs.

The sitting could reflect some period or could me modern in style, but nothing would be more satisfying than a feeling of comfort even after an interesting meal, so cozy and proper designed chairs should be used. Proper cushioned chairs with removable seats for the purpose of maintenance and cleaning would be most practical.

Framed mirrors or good paintings will not only reflect taste but also add to the cozy look.

So use the right mixture of elements in the dinning room to create comfort.