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Interior concept for zodiac sign Scorpio

01 Aug, 2019 Interior concept for zodiac sign Scorpio

Interior concept for zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpions are a strong personality, extremely sensitive, moody and showy; they can have a luxurious house. It is suitable for them to have modern furniture with excellent workmanship. 

Scorpios like to spend lavishly on furniture with value i.e. pure wood instead of ply, they normally like to buy showy furniture and would be the highest bidders in any auction.

The environment in the house has to be very peaceful and loving as it is closely linked to their success. As they are very moody the décor has to be very balanced any unbalanced shapes around them will upset them fast. Pastel color finish is what they like, recommended to use vitrified tiles, granite, duco painted furniture and glass. Garden for them is very easy to maintain as they are normally born with green thumb.

Scorpios normally are quite confident in their behavior and would also be very commanding as well as demanding, so it is advisable to décor the house in such a way so that their ego gets properly satisfied.  

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