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Interior concept for zodiac sign “Gemini”

02 Aug, 2019 Interior concept for zodiac sign “Gemini”

Interior concept for zodiac sign “Gemini”

This is an ambitious and sensitive sign. They enjoy arts and culture of other countries, they like interesting and varied work of art and above all love to travel. Looking at these characteristics we can conclude, that they can have comfortable home with modern furniture and latest home appliances. 

They love to read and have a thirst for knowledge so it is recommended for them to have a library cum study in their house as this will help them to accomplish their needs.


They are very social and love entertaining relatives, friends and colleagues. They need people and lots of activities and movement around them which would make it suitable for them to have a huge living room with modern decoration.


Since they like change of surrounding regularly they can have lose furniture which they can rearrange or even change for that matter once in a while, they are active and industrious and like interesting work, so they should have a separate workstation in their cabin along with a discussion room the décor of the office should be very simple with lots of storage.

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