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Don’t be afraid to redecorate!

Don’t be afraid to redecorate!

Don’t be afraid to redecorate!

Most people when they design their homes, simply dump furniture in strategic places, with no thought for style or theme. It is only the serious home-makers who give this aspect some consideration. 

Selecting a style for your home demands some level of confidence in your choice, and the guts to be different. Fear of criticism may pull you down, but remember,every person’s taste is different. No two houses are alike. Before you finalise anystyle, look at other people’s houses. Visit as many lifestyle and furniture showrooms as you can. Go through the latest magazines and design books. Gradually, your sense of what you would like to see in your home will coalesce into a style or theme.

You can decide on a single unifying style for all the rooms in your house, or different themes for each room. Perhaps a modern kitchen and kiddy room, a Victorian master bedroom and a comfortable but traditional living room. If you have been staying in your current house for some time, practical needs may have influenced the way the style has evolved. Be prepared to step back from your original décor and decide on something new. This may be worrying, as the familiar is always more comfortable. But it will be worth it when you throw a party and receive compliments from friends and relatives on your bold new look for the house!

The writer is an architect, interior
decorator and Vaastu expert who
runs a diploma course in Vaastu-
shastra. Reach him on 31034324.