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Astrointerior is basically a way to decorate one’s home so as to create a vibrant, positive, effective and a happy home.

  • “Astrointerior” a living innovation for people who want more.
Vastu Report in Rs. 999 + Tax

Astrointerior helps to make your home feel welcoming, encouraging to positive and fresh energies day in and day out so your life can be happy and prosperous.

Each and every Zodiac Signs and number has specific characteristics, it has its own meaning and has a unique influence which affects their lifestyle, and forms ones character i.e. his likes and dislikes etc. Astrointerior software analyses the influence of Zodiac Signs, Lucky Colors, Feng Shui and Pyramid Therapy on the life of an individual and recommends some of the finer points of interiors based on the strength and weakness of a specific person to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony for homes.

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about Astro Interior Software

Unnaty Vastu Consultants have been in consultancy since last 25 years giving Vastushastra advice to clients all around the globe, their interest in Astrointeriors started in 2015 when their clients wanted to know effect of Zodiac Signs, Lucky Colors, Feng Shui and Pyramid Therapy on an individual.

UVC while doing research on this subject discovered & found as founding correlations between style of interiors and Zodiac Signs and effect of color on individual hence UVC decided to promote the subjects in a scientific way.

Their exhaustive survey of all kinds of houses and details of family members residing in the house, the details of the premises and the corresponding financial standing and health of the households were noted down and it was then that UVC hit upon the idea of developing software on Astrointeriors, his software is such that once the details the family members birth dates are fed in it gives recommendations for interiors, color scheme, Feng Shui and Pyramid therapy based on ones Zodiac Signs and lucky number.

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